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New Jersey Steps Up Effort to Stop Hate Crimes

Two separate incidents of what appeared to be racially motivated deaths in the state of New Jersey have prompted that state’s attorney general to call for more understanding within the community and a greater appreciation for the plight that many undergo every day, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The incidents were not directly related but both featured immigrants being beaten to death by gangs of thugs, reported a New York Criminal Lawyer. While the attorney general said that neither beating rose to the level of being considered a “bias crime” (or more commonly a hate crime) the state’s chief legal counsel still urged the state’s residents to consider what immigrants are going through as they assimilate into a new culture, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Both attacks saw men, proud fathers and husbands, beaten for random reasons. Gangs of teenagers are believed to be the culprits and are currently in custody, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The attorney general and the attorney general’s office have been working closely with those in the community. Religious and secular leaders have been asked to lend their support as the state of New Jersey battles a trend they hope will not rise, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Additionally, law enforcement officers around the state have been asked to help crack down on the problem. New Jersey specifically created a commission in 1997 to deal with just these kinds of matters, so this has been an ongoing problem for some time. Authorities are confident that those who acted will be punished accordingly.

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