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An obsrver is not overwhelmed or even shocked that Chris Brown has had his sentence lightened after such a short period of time. Chris Brown is a famous R&B singer who at 21 years old has been sentenced to five years of probation, a one year domestic violence course, and community service.

Chris Brown was originally sentenced after pleading guilty to assaulting Rhianna, his ex-girlfriend, prior to the 2009 Grammy Awards. Even with the modified sentence, Brown is prevented from harassing or annoying Rhianna, but can speak to her if necessary. Rhianna’s lawyer stated that she was fine with the modified order. It has not yet been determined whether Chris Brown has completed the domestic violence course or the community service; however he is still on probation for the remainder of the five year sentence. The public is not outraged, but also not looking forward to the fallout if Brown and Rhianna get back together. Most fans feel that both artists are better off apart.

The question has been raised by fans of why Brown did not receive jail time or at least a harsher punishment, but sources show that Rhianna, her lawyer, and Brown’s lawyer came to an agreement for the lesser punishment. Rhianna did not push the issue of trial, maybe for fear of losing or Brown receiving no punishment, which may have happened had he had a good advisor. Public comments also reflect the thought that though Chris Brown is allowed to contact Rhianna, which he simply wanted the extended freedom to be able to attend awards shows. Fans and the public in general feel this break up, whether enforced by the law or not will enhance the careers of both artists for the better.

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Two separate incidents of what appeared to be racially motivated deaths in the state of New Jersey have prompted that state’s attorney general to call for more understanding within the community and a greater appreciation for the plight that many undergo every day, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The incidents were not directly related but both featured immigrants being beaten to death by gangs of thugs, reported a New York Criminal Lawyer. While the attorney general said that neither beating rose to the level of being considered a “bias crime” (or more commonly a hate crime) the state’s chief legal counsel still urged the state’s residents to consider what immigrants are going through as they assimilate into a new culture, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Both attacks saw men, proud fathers and husbands, beaten for random reasons. Gangs of teenagers are believed to be the culprits and are currently in custody, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The attorney general and the attorney general’s office have been working closely with those in the community. Religious and secular leaders have been asked to lend their support as the state of New Jersey battles a trend they hope will not rise, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Additionally, law enforcement officers around the state have been asked to help crack down on the problem. New Jersey specifically created a commission in 1997 to deal with just these kinds of matters, so this has been an ongoing problem for some time. Authorities are confident that those who acted will be punished accordingly.

If you have been accused of a hate crime, or any crime, you have rights that need to be protected. Contact a New York Criminal Attorney today.

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Crown Heights church was conducting services as usual. However, the church leaders were quick to express concern over an officer entering the church looking for a man who was a suspect in a traffic accident. The officers had chased an 18-year-old into the Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist Church Friday night. According to a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer, the 18 year old had stolen a car and fled.

Church officials indicated that for the most part the parishioners felt violated. According to one of those in the church worshipping, the police entered the church as if they were raiding a crack house. Brooklyn Criminal Lawyers can be of great assistance in these situations.

The officers conducting the chase indicated that they were only looking for a suspect. The suspect had been driving the wrong way on a one-way street and ended up on the sidewalk. The police made it plain that they were attempting to protect the general public from a criminal. The youngster who is a member of the church has eleven charged, including grand larceny and reckless driving pending against him. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, one of the church elders asked if he could negotiate with the suspect to surrender but that his requests were ignored. According to the members in attendance, officers kicked the suspect in the head and punched him in the stomach when they found him.