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New law threatens jail time for parents of truant children


A new law in California could subject the parents of children who don’t make it to school each day to hefty fines and in extreme cases, jail time. Advocates of this new law claim that the extreme penalties are a good deterrent, keeping parents in line with the compulsory education attendance policies and insuring that their children get the full benefit of their education. 

However, according to the NYC Criminal Lawyer, those who oppose this new law claim that it is just another way to strong arm parents into submission and to take away their freedom to raise their children the way they see fit. While there are extreme cases involving lack of responsibility or concern for the whereabouts of their children, in many cases the truancy fines and penalties are being imposed upon parents who are doing the best they can to make sure their children are at school. 

These parents are good, hardworking people who are living life to the best of their ability and sometimes that involves their children not being in school. Not everyone places the same dogmatic importance on public school as the powers that be would like for us to, opponents of the bill claim. Education should be thought of as a way to enrich a child’s life and not control it. A parent who wishes to keep their child home from school for a day trip to an orchard or a museum could find themselves in hot water if they make a habit of it.

 New York Criminal Lawyers know the same laws that are meant to protect children who have negligent parents can and will affect those parents who have a different ideology when it comes to what life and education are really about. In the case of this new California law, parents could end up facing a year in jail and a $2000 fine. 

Though laws are put into place for the good of all, they can sometimes fall short by hurting the people they are trying to protect.

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