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New York Criminal Defense Lawyer reports a Florida woman under arrest for murder for hire scheme

Dalia Dippolito was only married for 6 months when she decided try to have her husband killed. Dippolito, a 26 year old Boynton Beach, FL resident believed she had hired a hitman to kill her 38 year old husband Michael. In actuality, she hired an undercover police officer. Dippolito and the officer arranged a meeting and she gave him details of her husband’s day, the houses security system and an escape route from the house. She also gave the “hitman” over a thousand dollars to purchase a gun to use and three thousand dollars for actually doing the job. Boynton Beach Police led Dippolito to believe that her husband had been murdered by setting up a fake crime scene around her home. Officers even roped off the area with yellow crime scene tape. Boynton Beach Police took Dippolito to the precinct, and then arrested her for solicitation of first degree murder. Dippolito’s husband was informed of the investigation early that morning and was waiting at the precinct. Reports do not state how much Dippolito’s bail was ste at; or if she had been released.
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