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New York Criminal Lawyer tells of several put under arrest for identity theft and other crimes.

A group of identity theft thieves have been caught by the NYPD. Police report that the thieves were hiring pickpockets to steal people’s wallets. They also had employees at a collection agency find the social security numbers of the people they just pickpocketed. Once they had that information they found other thieves to dress as the victims and withdraw money from their bank accounts. The thieves wore wigs, make up, glasses and in some cases costumes to try to look like heir victims. They were finally apprehended after a Chase employee noticed the same man kept appearing on security tapes. In some cases he was dressed as a doctor and other times he was dressed as a construction worker. The man on the videos was later identified as Arthur Franklin. Others that have been put under arrest include for their involvement are Yvonne Harris and Carol DiBitetto. They are facing numerous white collar charges including scheme to defraud, conspiracy, identity theft and possession of a forged instrument. They will be arraigned at New York Criminal Court; located at 100 Centre St. NY, NY 10013. The NYPD is currently looking for others who were involved in the scheme.
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