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New York Criminal Lawyers help in what seems to be a Legal Kidnapping


Neither the wealth of a Brazilian anchorman nor that of his ex-wife and model Maria Vianna is enough to get the anchorman, Rony Curvelo’s daughter back in his custody. He accidentally sent an email to Vianna regarding the possibility of going to Haiti. Vianna took the email to a judge in Manhattan Family Court and requested that she retain custody of their daughter Jennifer who is eight.

The history with the two adults is rocky. After a four-year relationship he wanted to move from their home in Miami back to Brazil and she wanted to return to New York. According to Vianna, the documents she signed giving custody of the child to Curvelo which was signed and notarized in Miami was forged and that the paperwork regarding this issue, which was filed in Miami is not valid either because she didn’t have a lawyer.

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In this case, the victim is an eight-year-old girl who normally lives in Brazil with her father but visits her mother in New York twice a year for 30-day stints, visiting her father for 48 hours while the three of them wait of custody hearing. Judge Sosa-Lintner granted temporary custody to Vianna and her new husband based on the information from Vianna that Curvelo was planning to take the child to Haiti without any vaccinations. She also indicated that Curvelo has not been paying her tuition for a Catholic education. She insisted that he was the one planning to kidnap the young girl.

How can someone who already has custody of a child be put in this kind of situation? And, is the idea of taking a child into Haiti enough to overturn a custody decision where one parent willingly gave up her rights?

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