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Nineteen year-old is found guilty of DUI


A jury of his peers found a 19-year-old man guilty of driving drunk. The Lancaster County jury found him guilty of DUI, a New York Criminal Lawyer was told.

An officer pulled him over in the wee hours of Nov. 1. He was stopped near 37th Street and Huntington Avenue in Nebraska. The police officer noticed the 19-year-old man had watery eyes, slurred speech and an alcohol scent.

He was wearing a homemade breathalyzer costume when he was stopped. He had been at a Halloween party before being stopped. It is unclear why the police pulled the young man over before discovering he was drunk.

Officers found a bottle of vodka, a half-full bottle mixture of Mountain Dew and vodka, and empty cans of beer. They found all of the alcohol in his truck.The Lincoln Police chief took a picture of the man and put it on his blog. It gained notice just several days after the man was arrested. When officers took his blood alcohol test, he was almost two times the legal limit of legal drinkers, which is .08. The legal drinking amount for minors is zero.

Not only was he found guilty of drinking under the influence, but also a judge found him guilty of a minor under the influence and drinking carelessly with open alcohol container. Sentencing will be held in February for the minor.

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