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“Nutcracker” sales are being monitored and can lead to arrests warns a New York Criminal Lawyer to store owners.

Many stores including barbershops, bodegas and delis sell a homemade drink called a “Nutcracker.” The drink is a mix of fruit flavored vodka and fruit punch or any colorful, fruity drink. They often cost $5.00 and are sold in plastic containers commonly used by Chinese food restaurants for soup take-out. The stores usually have licenses to sell alcohol and liquor, but have been lax on checking the identification of the buyers. Many minors have been able to purchase this adult beverage as a result. New York State Liquor Authority has vowed to stop these illegal sales to minors. They will be sending undercover agents into stores to buy the drink across the boroughs. They have already fined five stores in Manhattan and Bronx, with promises of more to be fined. Endangering the Welfare of a Child is a charge that could be filed.
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