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NYPD Searches for Sexual Assault Perpetrator


The New York Police Department is searching for a man who violently attacked and sexually assaulted a woman in the elevator of a Washington Heights building, police sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
It appears that the suspect followed his victim for some time, a 42-year-old woman, into the lobby of a St. Nicholas Ave. apartment building at 3 a.m. on Monday, jumping on her when she got into the elevator.
The attacker fled once the elevator doors opened. Authorities have withheld the identity of the victim, who was treated at a local hospital and then released. Further details on her condition or any description of her attack are currently unknown to New York Criminal Lawyers, though an elevator camera shot of a man in a baseball cap has been captured of the suspect.
Others who lived on the busy block were shocked by the assault on one of their neighbors. They are all more wary and more than a little disturbed by the incident. “It’s sick,” said a 16-year-old girl, resident of the area, told a New York Criminal Lawyer. “You don’t know if he’ll strike again.”
It is in the best interest of the suspect to turn himself in, not only so everyone knows no more crimes will be committed by him, but for his own sake. The assistance of a New York Criminal Lawyer could make sure he never does such a thing again, by whatever means are necessary.
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