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OJ Simpson Goes to Jail


OJ Simpson is going to jail for a long long time. After one appeal after another Simpson’s case was finally heard by the Nevada Supreme Court, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The court affirmed the lower court ruling finding Simpson guilty. Simpson was charged with conspiracy to commit a number of crimes, including: robbery, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon, and multiple counts of first degree kidnapping. Conspiracy is a unique crime in that one need not actually commit the crime in order to be found guilty, notes a New York Criminal Lawyer. Rather, all that need be proven is that a person agreed with another person to commit a crime and then that one of those people took an action in furtherance of the crime. A jury found that Simpson had done so and he was convicted of conspiracy.

Simpson is most famous from his days as a star football player, famous actor, and of course from his mid-90s murder trial. Simpson was found not guilty at the time, a decision was raised the ire of many. The trial itself spawn much of today’s modern “court TV” as well and is considered a major moment in the 20th Century of the United States. At the time Simpson vowed to find the real killers. He then mostly played golf.

One of Simpson’s co-conspirators had his conviction reversed and a new trial has been ordered for the man, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Simpson claimed that all he was doing was trying to retrieve his property, including family photos and heirlooms, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Simpson’s attorney attempted to claim that the conviction was payback for Simpson’s prior not-guilty. The Supreme Court did not agree.

Murder, conspiracy, and burglary are serious crimes and require the aid of an experienced attorney. If you’ve been charged with these or any other crime you should contact a New York Criminal Attorney.

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