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OJ Simpson Goes To Trial- A New York Criminal Attorney Should Represent You


Lawyers for O.J. Simpson fought a losing battle trying to get two African-American women on the panel. The arguments were hot and heavy but in the end the District Attorney convinced the judge that the make up of the jury was appropriate. In New York, some of the most important decisions in a case are made at jury selection says this New York Criminal Lawyer. You want people who you believe will be receptive to your viewpoint and arguments. If you don’t have that it makes your criminal case that much more difficult.

Lawyers for Simpson and co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart wanted to have the entire jury dismissed and re-picked but the judge decided to not allow the motion.

Everyone involved in the trial worked endlessly to rectify the situation and finally came up with a jury which was accepted by both sides.

Simpson is being tried along with Stewart of kidnapping, for a number or felonies which including armed robbery. They are also charged with other crimes surrounding the theft of items from dealers in sports items of value. This took place in a confrontation last year in Las Vegas. They have entered a not guilty plea. Each faces stiff penalties if convicted of the serious crimes they are charged with.

O.J.’s lawyer felt that he had a very good chance of being set free as opening statements were set for Monday.

Lawyers for the AP sought to make the questionnaires public. He reportedly has filed an appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court. He is seeking info about the jurists who will serve in this criminal case.

If a anyone you know is charged with a crime and headed to a trial, hiring a New York Criminal Lawyer is a must for you. You need to protect your rights.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its NY Criminal Lawyers with convenient locations in the NY Met Area including Rosedale, Queens, can be of tremendous assistance to you if you find yourself accused in a criminal action. Facing charges without professional legal representation could lead to a disastrous ending.

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