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O’Neal Pleads Guilty to Conduct Charges-Hire A NY Criminal Lawyer To Enter Your Plea


As part of her June cocaine possession arrest, Tatum O’Neal has pled guilty to disorderly conduct in lower Manhattan.

The Judge, Elisa Koenderman has ordered O’Nea to attend sessions in a drug treatment program as well as coughing up a $95 surcharge. Tatum must meet these conditions in order to have the charges dismissed.

In 1973 O’Neal was awarded the Oscar for best supporting actress for her performance in “Paper Moon.” She’s the youngest to receive the Academy Award.

Hiring a New York Criminal Attorney is something you must do if you are accused in a criminal case. if you don’t have a NY Criminal Lawyerrepresenting you, your rights and freedom may be compromised.

Tatum and her father, Ryan O’Neal, have struggled with drugs over the years.

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