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R. Kelly Child Porn Trial Goes to Jury-You’ll Have a Better Chance With A Nassau County Criminal Lawyer


The prosecution began and ended the trial of R. Kelly by playing the graphic sex tape depicting sex crimes which is the crux of the case.

The defense claims that the tape is not accurate and that singer Kelly is not the man on the tape and the youngster is not who the prosecution says she is.

The jury has been in deliberation since Thursday afternoon and continued into the evening. The jury is composed of three-woman and nine males and they have the images of the tape fresh in their heads as they begin to sort things out in this case.

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Jurors, who got the case and deliberated for about three hours Thursday afternoon, had seen the entirety of the tape just after opening arguments more than a month ago and viewed excerpts during the weeks of testimony. They watched again Thursday without the visible signs of apparent shock from the first time.

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