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Pain Study Car Crashes Lead to Higher Risk of Chronic Pain


A recent study produced by a leading medical facility in Scotland finds that chronic pain risk is higher among car accident victims than other members of the population. Researches shared their findings with an New York Criminal Lawyer. Chronic pain is defined in the study as pain on both the lower and upper halves of the body, or on the right or left sides of the body, lasting 90 days or longer.

The new study drew from results of a previous study conducted over a four year period involving subjects who fit the criteria for widespread pain lasting 90 days or longer. The subjects had muscular and skeletal pain symptoms along with psychological distress from constant pain due to car accidents, job injuries, giving birth to children, broken bones, surgeries, and time in a hospital.

12 percent of those studied reported that they had new onsets of widespread pain over a 90 day period. Researchers relayed another findings that were particularly relevant to car crash studies. Eighty-four percent of this specific group representing 12 per cent of the over 2000 subjects in the study had been in vehicle accidents prior to the onset of new pain patterns.

The study is of particular interest to insurance companies who process accident claims involving medical treatment of accident victims. The findings of the study suggest that car accident victims are likely to manifest new pain symptoms after being treated immediately following their accidents. The likelihood of needing additional medical care is higher among auto accident victims than work injury victims experiencing widespread pain over 90 days or longer following their injuries, according to a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer.

The findings also suggest that higher cost injury claims can be sought in advance based on the high likelihood of re-occurring pain following a vehicular accident. These claims can be sought in the form as “actuarial contingencies” at the time of injury settlement by the victim. Victims of an auto accident should consult with their attorney for a legal definition of their rights.

The study was published in a leading medical and rehabilitation journal.

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