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Photos Revealed of Toddler Duct-Taped by Mother


Nebraska prosecutors have revealed photos of a teenage mother and her boyfriend duct-taping her 2-year-old son to a wall. The pair has already been convicted for the incident, according to New York Criminal Lawyers. They claim to have done it all for fun.
The child was temporarily removed from his mother’s custody, but is now living with his mother again. The mother, 18, has admitted to using drugs.
The mother, 17 at the time of the abuse, was given 10 days in jail and two years of probation. Her 19-year-old boyfriend, an ex-convict, was given a stiffer sentence – three to five years for child abuse and another 12 to 24 months for felony possession of stolen firearms. While under the influence of drugs, the mother held the child down so her boyfriend could tape his body to the wall with bright green duct tape, authorities told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
Some of the pictures show the boy’s wrists tape to the wall behind his back and above his shoulders as he struggles to escape. Another shows the mother posing with her son, whose hands have been wrapped in tape. Yet another photograph shows the boy’s sippy cup taped to a wall out of his reach. He is crying as he struggles to reach it.
The boy has been allowed to return to his mother, but state health officials are keeping track of the home, a county attorney told a New York Criminal Lawyer. Prosecutors are investigating to see if the mother should retain custody.
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