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Police Arrest Members of Pagan Motorcycle Gang


Some leaders of a notorious pagan motorcycle gang were arrested, even as they were allegedly plotting to kill their rivals, according to a New York Criminal Lawyers. Federal authorities raided the gang’s headquarters, a Rocky Point tattoo parlor, to make the arrests.
In the end, 19 suspects were charged, some of them appearing in federal court in Central Islip.
Some of the arrests took place in the Rocky Point tattoo parlor that served as the club’s headquarters on Long Island, and included the man who was once president of the Long Island chapter. He now oversees chapters on Long Island, Sullivan County, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. His successor as president of the Long Island chapter was also arrested.
Federal authorities told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the Pagans were getting stronger and planning to act against their rival, the Hell’s Angels, who have a Hempstead chapter. The suspects were charged with conspiracy to murder their rivals in the Hell’s Angels and Hell’s Angels Associates. They were also charged with counts of assault, distribution of cocaine and oxycodone, conspiracy to commit extortion and weapons charges.
These arrests were part of a four-state operation which included not only state and local police, but 300 ATF agents. Further details on the case and the details of the conspiracy against the rival motorcycle gang are not available to Westchester County Criminal Lawyers at this time, since the trial and arraignment are still pending. Reaction of the Hell’s Angels to these events is also unknown.
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