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Potential Witnesses Executed Near Nightclub


Two young men who may have witnessed two murder were shot execution style in a parked SUV after a night of clubbing in Manhattan, a New York Criminal Lawyer reports. The two men, 26 and 22 years of age, both of Coney Island, were shot in the head not long after leaving a posh Manhattan hot spot.
New York Criminal Lawyers still do not know the motive behind the shootings. Police had questioned the 26-year-old victim about the death of a Coney Island grandmother who was killed by a stray bullet, while the younger man was asked about his brother’s murder in 2009.
Neither one of them said they would comply with police requests, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police believe the pair may have gotten into trouble while inside the club. Both of them had a history of criminal activity and a number of people who may have wished them harm.
“Both are known gang-bangers who are involved in many things, and their business is likely behind their execution – not the fact that they were potential witnesses in other homicides,” sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
There is security camera footage that shows a dark sedan pulling up behind the victims’ silver SUV. Two men emerged from the sedan and disappeared from view as they approached the SUV. Moment later, they returned to the car and drove away quickly.
Neither one of the victims were very cooperative with the police when it came to finding the perpetrators of the murders they may have witnessed.
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