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Refusal to accept responsibility for ones actions puts pressure on judicial system

In times of stress or threatening situations, it is amazing how many people try to place blame on something external for their faults. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, people will say just about anything to get out from between the rock and the hard place that they have found themselves in. Though no one will argue for a moment that the founding fathers of our country were honest and forthright in all of their dealings, explained the N York Criminal Lawyer, it is at least fair to say that they were, at least in some sense, looking out for the greater good of the nation that they were trying to build. 

Not so for some people. Take, for instance, the case of an Ohio man who tried to blame his DUI on iconic rock singer Ozzy Osbourne. According to the man charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, the heavy metal music that the driver was playing led him to drive illegally after drinking. This example is a blatant attempt to circumvent the personal responsibility that each of us has to keep both ourselves and our fellow humans safe from harm. 

The NYC Criminal Lawyer went on to suggest that the lies and blame that people resort to in situations where they feel threatened, whether or not what they did was wrong, back logs our already strained legal system as the truth is being searched for. What this boils down to is a system that is filled to overflowing with bogus stories, which is a huge waste of time and money for all of us. Essentially, what needs to happen is that people need to be responsible for their failures and mistakes as well as take credit for their successes and strengths. In doing so, our nation will become a better place. 

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