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Remy Ma sentenced for shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph


After an argument which ended in gun play, Makeda Barnes Joseph was injured. Remy Ma, aka Remy Smith, was sentenced to 8 years’ jail for her involvement in the encounter last summer. Remy and Joseph argued over money in NYC. Remy’s gun went off. Remy maintained that the gun was not meant to go off…it was an accident.

Remy cried when she got her sentence. Eight years was a long time but she got off lightly. She could have gotten 25 years for her obvious street sensibility and stupidity.

She got off lightly because she had a good lawyer. Make sure that you have a NY Criminal Lawyer to defend you if you are charged with a crime. Not having a New York Criminal Attorney representing you could lead to conviction and a sentence which is the maximum rather than the minimum.

Remy had a wedding planned for the weekend but it was cancelled by the officials. Her boyfriend Papoose was going to visit her in prison but he was caught with a handcuff key. Papoose failed to smuggle it in and he was banned from the prison island Rikers. The ban would last 6 months.

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