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Fifth Suspect Charged in Taylor Slaying-Hire a Queens Criminal Lawyer if You’re Charged.


Another suspect has been identified by Prosecutors in Miami in the murder of NFL football star Sean Taylor. Ed Griffith said Wednesday that 16-year-old Timothy Brown is charged with first-degree murder under a sealed warrant.
it has not been revealed when Brown will be taken to Miami for his hearing. He is currently being detained in Lee County.

If you or a family member is charged with a crime, it is important to hire a Queens Criminal Lawyer to protect your rights. You are innocent until proven guilty and found so by a jury of your peers. In the meantime, having a professional, knowledgeable Queens Criminal Attorney by your side can help you immeasurably in proving your innocence or obtaining the minimum punishment.

Sean Taylor was shot at his home when he interrupted intruders. He suffered tremendous loss blood after he was shot. The prevailing thought is that he was killed during a botched robbery. The four Fort Myers-area suspects are scheduled to face a jury on Aug. 24.

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