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Retain a Criminal Lawyer if You’re in Bai Ling’s Shoes


Bai Ling has been criticized for her poor acting and now has to act out a possible criminal scenario. Frank Mateljan reports that Ling has been arrested for petty theft at LAX. She only stole a battery and a couple of magazine’s but still could face jail time.

Shop lifting is sometimes a symptom of more serious problems so Ling and her people should be aware of the dangers.

If you or a family member are in this or a similar situation, retaining a Long Island Criminal Lawyer is very important. Not doing so could result in much greater hardship for you. Knowing your rights and having someone to protect them can keep you from harsh punishment.

Bai Ling’s arraignment has been set and if she doesn’t have representation, she is making a big mistake.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with six convenient locations in the Metropolitan Area can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself arrested and charged such as in this case. Facing charges without professional representation gives you very little chance to get the hearing and defense you deserve.

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