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Richie Sambora Pleads Out DUI Case


Richie Sambora struck a deal with prosecutors Tuesday just hours after they filed drunken driving charges against him, pleading no contest to one misdemeanor count of driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit.

A spokesperson for the district said that another charge of DUI would be dropped.

Sambora is now serving a probation term of three years in which he has to keep himself drug and alcohol free while driving any vehicle. Sambora is the lead guitarist for the rock star Bon Jovi.

He was found to be well over the acceptable alcohol level when he was stopped by police when they observed him driving unsteadily on a Laguna Beach thoroughfare. A spokesperson for the authorities made the charges public.

Although much was a stake, the forty something musician chose to have his lawyer do all the talking while Sambora did not attend the hearing. Blair Berk, entered the plea on his behalf. Berk had no further comment after saying that a deal had been reached with the District Attorney.

Without an attorney, Sambora would have suffered stiffer penalties and would not have been able to make a deal. If you or a family member is involved in a criminal action, a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer should be retained. Without a lawyer you are running the risk of more severe penalties than you deserve.

Police had asked the district attorney to file misdemeanor charges of child endangerment against Sambora as well, but Emami said prosecutors didn’t have enough to make the case.

“The charge of DUI in itself indicates you have endangered yourself and others,” she said. “There would have needed to be additional aggravating circumstances to charge that.”

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