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You Need A Nassau County Criminal Lawyer If You’re Detained Like A Reality Show Director Arrested in Florida


Four women who were contestants on “Pauper to Princess” were held against their will at a Florida house. The show which is a reality show was being shot in the house and the would be director and writer who was identified by authorities as Marc Brilleman was arrested for holding the women against their will.

The show tries to change ordinary, everyday women into women who are attractive enough to be princesses.

Police charged an aspiring reality show director with blocking four women – half of a cast billed as ordinary girls hoping to become “princesses” – from leaving the central Florida house where the show was being shot. The women resided in the house in question while the program was taped. According to the show’s website, Producers were attempting to package the show and peddle it to a network.

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Brilleman posted a $3,000 bond and was released several hours after his arrest. Police do not believe he has a criminal record. Miller said Brilleman is from South Africa, but his immigration status is unclear.

Calls to the telephone number listed on the show’s Web site rang unanswered and e-mails sent to company executives were not answered. Brilleman does not have a listed telephone number and it was not known if he had a lawyer.

Jim Johnson, the show’s executive producer, told the attested that the women who asked to leave were allowed to do so.

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