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Road rage crash gives probation


Police told reporters that two people where involve in an incident associated with road rage. Apparently, the two began to quarrel in a nightclub. This is where the incident started. Both left the nightclub and the result was a car accident on the highway later on that night.

The woman faced probation instead of being charged. The twenty three year old woman made the admission that she was DWI on that night when the collision of the cars took place. One car had six occupants including the driver when they were pulled over by the police.

The woman, a medical receptionist, received two and a half year probation infraction. The Judge found her to be guilty of driving while intoxicated and her actions caused endangerment. She was also cited with six infractions of assault using a deadly weapon, which was her car.

The Police told a newspaper that the woman was to enter into a driver education program for alcoholism. She was reprimanded and told not to drink and drive. If she was in violation of her probation, she risked being send to jail for two and a half years. Her attorney pled on her behalf that she was a model citizen and had never been in trouble with the law before. The Judge saw it fit to give her probation with the acceptance from her that she would be more responsible for her future actions.

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