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Man’s sentence for fatal DUI drops from possible 30 years to 120 days

A Massachusetts man has been given the gift of learning a hard life’s lesson but at much less cost after a plea bargain his lawyers initiated landed him serving a mere 120 days at a Vermont prison work camp after a fatal car accident in which his friend was killed. The 24 year old man was DWI last March when the accident occurred.

Reports said the man lost control of the car, sending it off the road and rolling off to the side. The passenger, a friend of the man, was thrown from the vehicle sustaining fatal injuries. He died later that night at the hospital. Though family and friends were devastated over the man’s death, they rallied around the 24 year old driver and supported him. Those closest to him said they knew that he was not a criminal, but had chosen to make a very bad decision on the night that he got drunk before he got behind the wheel. Drug possession was not a part of the scene.

The worst case scenario could have been 30 years in prison for the driver, but in the end the judge saw fit to give him a new lease on life by allowing him to attend a prison work camp instead of doing hard time. In this case, a man who made a tragic mistake that he will have to bear for the rest of his life gets another chance to live according to a higher principle.

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