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Robbery Unfolds and Unfortunately a Man Was Killed

Two men attempted to rob a poker parlor in Manhattan. A New Jersey math teacher was one of the participants of the card game. The teacher’s wife said that her husband often played poker to relieve some of the stress he felt from raising a special needs son. The man’s son is 19 but requires a considerable amount of time reports a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer.

The two men shot and killed the man during the foiled robbery attempt and much to the surprise of anyone; they are expected to be sentenced to 25 years to life. The sentencing is scheduled for June 22. The gambling den was in an underground facility report Brooklyn Criminal Lawyers. During the robbery the two men were able to take $20,000 in cash.

One of the men fired a sawed-ff shotgun in the room, which hit the 55-year schoolteacher. The man’s wife was extremely upset and indicated that she hated to wish anything on anybody but she felt that the men brought this on themselves. As the man’s wife spoke, she indicated that there is no winner in the case as her husband is gone regardless of what happens to the two men. New York Criminal Lawyers report that one of the men had already served eight years in prison for manslaughter.

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