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Singer facing jail sentence


A Rock Singer, Vince Neil is set to go to jail because of his plea deal that he accepted from the Las Vegas prosecution recently. What this means is, that this celebrity rocker will be send to jail for a period of two weeks and then after that he has to undergo a two week house arrest for his DUI arrest in the previous summer.
The media told a New York Criminal Lawyer that Vince Neil was headed for this for a long time because this is not the first time he has had a run in with the law. The celebrity pled guilty and was charged with a misdemeanor for driving while he was intoxicated as he appeared before a Judge in a Las Vegas court room. A publicist for the singer told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the singer has admitted to his wrongdoing and realized that it is not safe for anyone to drive while they are intoxicated.
According to what Police reported, the accused was caught in a traffic stop while he drove his car close to a Las Vegas strip with his wife. Before the accident, it is said that he had told friends that he was sober and wanted to remain that way. He just did not want to drink anymore. In addition to being a singer, the celebrity owns two bars and tattoo shops in Las Vegas. He also is an established author. His attorney came to his defense in court and had his sentence reduced to two weeks instead of the mandatory sentence of six months. In New York and Westchester County, NY Criminal Lawyers are familiar with how to handle cases like Neil’s.

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