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School Board Member in Massachusetts Not Seeking Re-election After DWI Arrest Last Year


A Massachusetts, a School Committee member has decided not to seek re-election. The decision seems to have been a year in the making, since many of his colleagues have repeatedly urged the 46-year old man to step down following his arrest last year for DWI.

The incident began on New Year’s Day 2010 following a call to 911 where the caller reported the driver of a pickup truck that was driving erratically, sources explained to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

An off-duty police sergeant was in his personal vehicle after completing his shift and heard the call over the police radio of what was happening. He spotted the pickup, radioed the location to the police dispatcher, and proceeded to follow it. Soon after he would observe the driver of the pickup, drive recklessly and almost hit two joggers. Soon afterward, a police cruiser arrived and stopped the truck. As part of the police’s investigation, they learned that the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.25 percent, which is more than three times the Massachusetts legal limit of 0.08 percent.

The school committee member’s attorney and the prosecutor reached an agreement during the man’s arraignment in District Court that “allowed him to admit there were sufficient facts to find him guilty of drunken driving,” a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer was told. Rather than try the case forthwith, the case was continued for one year. This was in large part due to it being his first DWI offense and the court placed him on supervised probation. During his probation, he was eligible for a hardship license that permitted him to drive to and from work.

Although many of the school committee members have stated that his decision to step down from the school board following his DWI arrest was a personal one, many have urged him to step down for the good of the committee, staff, and students of the school district. Some had even inquired as to whether they had any legal recourse to remove the man from the committee, of which they learned that they had no legal options available to remove him. They must therefore wait until after the election that he has stated that his name will not be on the ballot for him to leave.

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