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Former All-American Football Player Arrested for DWI


A former multi-sport, All-American football player from a Florida university was arrested on March 16 and charged with DWI, a New York Criminal Lawyer learned. The former high school and college standout had been observed by police officers driving first at a low-rate of speed, then at a speed of up to 10-miles per hour, over the posted speed limit, and unable to maintain his lane.

After the Orlando police officer pulled the 24-year old over, the officer stated that when he approached the vehicle that he smelled alcohol when the young man exhaled. The officer then suggested that the driver undergo a field sobriety test, which he agreed to do. As a result, of the field sobriety test, the Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer was told, the former All-American was arrested and taken to a DWI center so a breath test could be administered. The driver provided two valid breath samples, both of which were 0.46. The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in the State of Florida is 0.08, but if the driver fails the field sobriety test, they can be charged with DWI with a BAC of less than the legal limit. The former collegian was then cited for a misdemeanor charge of DWI and was then taken to the Orange County Jail.

The arresting officer included in the affidavit that he filed with the DWI charges that during the entire process the young man was both cooperative and polite, according to the arrest report. His arraignment is set for April 14.

In high school, this talented athlete excelled at both basketball and football, and chose to focus his energies on football when he went to college.

In addition to his high school and college accolades, he was drafted by the popular football team franchise as a fifth round draft pick in 2009. He played two seasons on this team before being released in September 2010. In January 2011, he signed a contract as a reserve player for a new team. It is unclear at this point how, or if, his prospective NFL career will be affected by the DWI charges.

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