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SEC Blasted about Goldman Sachs


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s internal watchdog has stated that the timing of a fraud lawsuit against Goldman Sachs was “suspicious”. The statement seems to imply SEC agents attempted to distract attention from a report criticizing the SEC for failing to detect an alleged Ponzi scheme, according to New York Criminal Lawyers.
Lawmakers have asked the SEC Inspector General to look into the filing of the SEC suit against Goldman, who settled the case for $550 million. That same day, the SEC released a report from the Inspector General that concluded the agency had missed a number of chances to catch the perpetrator of an alleged $7 billion fraud, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The Inspector General was questioned at a Senate Banking Committee hearing regarding the timing of the Goldman suit. “It would strain credulity to think it was coincidental.” He also said: “I can’t give you a conclusion right now, but it was suspicious.”
The SEC denied any political connection and said the timing had nothing to do with other factors, at the time of the Goldman case.
New York Criminal Lawyers have learned from the Justice Department that nearly 3,000 defendants were sent to prison in an 8-month period for financial fraud. The number of criminal mortgage-fraud and new corporate-fraud cases has risen a great deal in recent times.
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