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Senate Son and DUI charges


Law enforcement officials told a New York Criminal Lawyer that a reputable Senator’s son from Illinois pled guilty to driving while intoxicated. The charge was a misdemeanor, but it was enough to embarrass the law maker and cause his son to receive a probation sentence with an order to get treatment for abuse of alcohol. He also received a fine of $1,250. “This was a slap on the wrist,” said one resident to an investigator . Most people think that if the accused was not the son of an Illinois Senator, he would have been charged to the full extent of the law. Many thought that it was a cover up of justice and wished that it would have gone the other way to teach the son a good lesson.
Police indicated that this is not the first time that the Senator’s son has been in trouble with the law. The Police gave the accused a citation that he was changing lanes. It was obviously because he had been drinking and driving while under the influence of alcohol.
All of this happened while he was driving his SUV and coming from a night out in downtown Chicago. It could have been in The Bronx or Brooklyn. When the police tested him, his blood alcohol level was way over the limit allowed legally. The Police told a NY Criminal Lawyer that court records showed that the accused had some run-ins with the law related to the same offense both in 2004 and 2008.

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