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Serial rapist gets additional 12 years for his crimes


In a recent criminal case, a serial rapist was sentenced to an additional 12 years in prison for the rape of a prostitute. The rapist was sobbing in court as the judge read the sentence. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, the judge remarked that he was unmoved by the attacker’s tears.

The rapist had already been convicted of another rape of a local babysitter, a crime for which he received 15 years to life for. The attacker is 23 years old, and will see his first parole board only after he turns 50 years old. A New York Criminal Lawyer said that he cried, “I’m sorry” during the trial.

The attack happened in the woman’s minivan in a parking lot four years ago. The rapist threatened to woman with a knife when he raped, even going so far as to taunt her for her undesirable profession as a prostitute. He also was reported to have said that he could kill her and no one would care.

The victim reported to a New York Criminal Lawyer that she was glad the jury saw her as a woman and not simply as a prostitute.

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