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Court Decides Sex Crimes with Minor Case


Sex crimes become all the more complicated when they are set into varying degrees according to the court. With the help of legal counsel, you can be sure to understand the consequences behind each degree and how hard the punishments that come with it. To further understand it, the case of Bruce Thompson is raised. Bruce was guilty of sexual abuse in the first degree and also of sodomy in the third degree.

The first one was his offense of forcing someone to have sexual contact with him while the other crime is engaging a minor to have sex with him. This was also researched well by a New York Criminal Lawyer who handles a lot of sex crime cases which involve minors. The defendant was fighting for the fact that there was no sufficient evidence provided against him. A certain John Gorton who was 15 years old told his story that Bruce approached him in the back of a store and talked him into a lot of things.

Eventually it was found that Bruce fooled him and said that he had stolen coins from him and that he would called a certain store owner to report him. They eventually shared a drink by the river and when the minor was completely drunk, Bruce removed the teen’s clothes and sexual intercourse happened. John only consented to it out of fear that Bruce might harm him especially with the paranoia that many kids were killed in that spot. After the incident, they walked away from the place and John ran away and went home. He asked his father and granddad to call the police.

A New York Criminal Lawyer said that the witness in the gas station John passed by attested that he was really running hard and asking for money to get to call the police. He appeared all shook up and stiffed according to the witness named James Buckland. Harold Dennis was also another witness who overheard the John saying to Bruce that he really did not steal the coins he was accusing him of. This case was easily resolved due to the solid elements presented during the trial.

All the noteworthy incidents that transpired point to one single person and that was Bruce. The crimes that John may be complaining of may have had no exact witness but the related incidents that happened before and after were pretty much supported by two solid witnesses. Hence, he was charged guilty of the two sex crimes that he has committed to John despite his constant denial. The case may have lacked in such evidences that Bruce was fighting for just to prove the crime but still the intensity level of the corroboration was too strong to prove Bruce guilty of the two crimes.

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