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Court Rules on Sex Crimes Comitted by Defendant with Mental Health Issues


There are many sex crimes these days that are discovered by a New York Criminal Lawyer to have been caused by mental health or abnormality. Aside from SORA there is also the SOMTA or what is called as the Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act which deals with sex crimes that involve the Mental Hygiene Law. In this particular case, the defendant is convicted of promoting prostitution, kidnapping and also bail jumping. He was given the charge of 9 to 18 years for kidnapping, 4 to 8 years for the kidnapping, and 3 to 6 years for the bail jumping.

Nelson forced his victim and raped her over and over again. He even forced her to be a prostitute and even physically beat her including the involvement of drugs. He was a detained sex offender who was found out to have been suffering from some kind of mental abnormality. According to a New York law as discussed by a Bronx Criminal Lawyer describes SOMTA as crimes that are sexually motivated.

Hence, it is the court’s decision to find out if the previous sex crimes committed by an accused person are motivated by a mental abnormality that is driven with the need for sex. All these should go through the proper criminal proceeding to make it very fair and carry out justice pretty well. Such acts like SOMTA are meant to protect the society from the danger of these free roaming sex offenders. It is only through the programs for treatment and proper management to help the accused to recover and have a bright future and at the same time to protect the citizens of the society.

The goals of the court to let such sex offenders like Nelson to go through such programs include proper management of their unstable behavior. But one must expect that such treatment will surely come as strict and well supervised. It may even go as worst as leading to a lifetime confinement. In Nelson’s case, it has been well proven that his crimes were sexually motivated. What Nelson fights for is that he does not deserve the stigma that registering to such SOMTA would cause his own credibility.

Such mental health treatment should not be considered as a punishment but instead as a treatment process so as to help the sex offender suffering from a mental abnormality to still get to recover as fast as they can. What Nelson did to his victim was too heinous that he took advantage of the rights of another and even abused it extremely. The mechanism used was truly excessive and up to the extreme. It is just logical that the court would capture offenders like Nelson so that the number of such crimes committed would surely be lessened.

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