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Defendant Challenges Sex Offender Rating


It is common to find with any sex crimes that the offender appeals to the court of lessening the risk level category that they were assigned to in going through the treatment program for their benefit. This case of Allan Barnes, the offender,who takes issue to his being rated as a level three offender. It was clear that he never denied the physical injury he has done to his victim like scars and stitches on the victim’s lip and legs. Not to mention the memory problems she has suffered from due to the head injuries Allan inflicted too.

It was just a bit weird how he never denies this but keeps on telling the court that all these may have just been hearsay for the absence of convincing proof. It is more uncomfortable to unravel that despite his challenge on the judgment, he did not present any other version of the facts, at least his very own. A New York Criminal Lawyer said such proceedings are suggested by the court for the protection of the rest of the citizens of the community.

It is likely that a sex crime offender may reoffend again. The court does not deprive the offender to present any evidence that would not limit him in fighting for his own rights and for the greater interest of his liberty. When basing on the criminal background of the criminal, he has been an offender since his younger days charged with a burglary case. In Georgia, he was also once convicted of a drug possession way back in the early 80s. It was also interesting according to a New York child pornography lawyer who also studied this appeal that he was also once involved in a case for cruelty to animals.

It was discovered that the rape case was made after his release from his Georgia custody. The court basing it on these instances perceives that he is most likely to become a reoffender especially with having to commit a rape crime even after being released out of prison for another case. In Georgia, he committed possession of drugs while his rape crime was not associated with any substance abuse.

Another New York sex with minor defense lawyer also found out that Barne’s contention was based on his argument that he has been abstinent for quite a long time new. But this was just further dismissed with the lack of proper proof of the abstinence he was talking about. This should have been proved with proper and formal supervision from the right authorities. In the end, it was clear to everyone that there was enough evidence to show he deserved the level three ranking for sex crime offenders.

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