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Court Discusses SORA Registration


The SORA or the Sex Offender Registration Act is a widely discussed topic in the line of sex crimes. In this particular case, there are five names involved which are trying to relieve themselves from registering in the system. The first one on the list is Eliezer Cintron who is guilty of using cocaine and endangering the life of a minor with sexual abuse. He made her girlfriend and two kids slave prisoners in her own apartment. There was no sexual crime alleged according to a New York child pornography lawyer but still this was a negligent act of doing.

Next according is Nelson Cordero. His case was burglary since he broke into the home of his common law wife. He tied up his son and his 15 year old friend in a bathroom during the assault. There were no sex crimes mentioned but he was still considered a sex offender by the SORA. Dwayne Glover is the next with cases of attempted murder and robbery. He entered into a certain apartment with a gun and imprisoned all its occupants. He directed everyone including a 12-year-old girl to lie down in the bed.

Marko Ivesic was also discovered guilty of kidnapping after breaking into the home of his own brother in law where his wife resides. He did not have any sexual contact with anyone but threatened to kill everyone in the family. Francis Jackson is the last for the promotion of prostitution and kidnapping too. Together with his girlfriend, they forced two women to get into prostitution for days. He bribed them by kidnapping one of the sons of the two women so that she will not stop working for them as a prostitute.

The SORA according to any New York Criminal Lawyer is an appropriate system of law enforcement to those who have crime offenses such as these. This helps in the resolving process of exploitation and sexual abuse as well. It alerts the public that they are protected since such crime offenders are under their custody. The highest level in SORA is the one that is meant for the high risk offenders. The information for all offenders in SORA are made available for the public to know through the internet or their toll free numbers.

All the cases states that of the five fall under the adoption of the SORA and the JWA as well. The petitioners did not succeed in proving that the system would deprive them of practicing their rights and that in their way of thinking, it was unconstitutional. All their requests are denied and the court advises still that they register and start the appointed treatment programs for themselves. Besides it is for their own good to have a chance to start anew.

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