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Shooting Triggers Accident, Wounds Victim


A local man was shot and the violence triggered a car accident. The victim, according to witnesses who spoke to a reporter, was standing outside of a local bar minding his own business when shots were fired. The shots came from the gun of an unknown assailant. The fusillade of gunshots resulted in the unsuspecting man being shot in the leg.

The shooting of the man outside the bar didn’t trigger the accident. That shooting was just the beginning of the gun violence.

The 31 year old man lay wounded on the street when a couple nearby ran into trouble. The man, a 28 year old, and the woman, a 25 year old, were sitting in a car parked on the side of the bar. When they heard shooting, they tried to get out of the area. They were leaving the scene at a high rate of speed when their vehicle struck another vehicle that was parked on the street, authorities reported to a local station.

After recovering from the sudden impact of hitting the parked car, the man and the woman emerged from the vehicle. They proceeded to flee on foot, running to the 100 block of a nearby street close to the crash scene. There they approached a residence; the fleeing woman had a facial cut and was bleeding. The homeowner they approached noticed the injury and called for an ambulance.

Emergency medical technicians arrived at the residence quickly. They were able to assist the gunshot victim who was nearby on the street, and the bleeding woman, taking them to the local hospital. In Manhattan and Queens gun possession is not tolerated.

Meanwhile, police responding to the call about shots being fired and the wounded man found shell casings on the sidewalk that ran along the south side of the drinking establishment. The weapon was not recovered and the investigation is continuing. There hasn’t been any public disclosure by authorities on the status of the investigation other than it is ongoing. It is not known if any suspects are in custody or the police are pursuing specific leads at this time.

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