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Police Uncover Child’s Remains on Long Island


A serial killer’s graveyard was thought only to contain the bodies of women, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police were therefore shocked to find the body of an infant or a child buried there.

“One doesn’t match the others. It’s a young person, possibly as young as an infant, or a child,” one witness reported. The same source also suggested the victim may be due to another killer entirely.

There have been seven other murder victims found on that stretch of Long Island beach. Four of these people were found close to each other in December 2010 and were all confirmed to be prostitutes on Craigslist who disappeared after meeting a john. The other four, which includes the body of the child, were discovered just a few miles away. The second set of four were all within half a mile of each other. Sources explained that while the first set of four have been identified, the second set remains unknown.

Suffolk County’s monetary woes may have played a role in the difficulty of solving the murders, according to a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer. Officials are trying to avoid paying overtime, which means reduced patrols along the beach area where the bodies were buried.

Patrols of the area were once the job of the Marine Bureau, placed on the beach, but the job was given to police authorities, which could be as much as a 40-minute drive away. This lasted from early 2009 to the end of 2010, when the first bodies were found. There have been no weekend searches, either, thanks to fears of overtime costs.

Investigators believe the killings are related to the murders of four prostitutes in Atlantic City in 2006, due to similar aspects in both cases. “It’s the same guy,” one person alleges.

The four bodies found in December were all strangled, just like the bodies found in Atlantic City in 2006. In Atlantic City, the bodies were also dumped near water, near each other, in deserted areas.

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