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Sirhan Sirhan May Have Been Brainwashed into Killing RFK

A lawyer for convicted murderer Sirhan Sirhan claims his client was brainwashed the day he shot then presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy in a hotel kitchen in 1968. After giving a speech at a Los Angeles hotel, Kennedy was escorted through the kitchen when he was fatally shot. Many witnesses identified Sirhan as the lone shooter. He even confessed to killing RFK during his trial. Today, 43 years after the shooting, Sirhan claims he does not remember shooting anyone, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

During his next parole hearing, Sirhan’s lawyer plans to offer an alternate theory of the crime. His lawyer will try to convince the parole board that there was a second shooter. The lawyer even claims to know who the second shooter is. This shooter fired the bullet that actually killed RFK. Kennedy was shot at close range behind the ear. Sirhan’s lawyer claims Sirhan was in front of RFK the entire time and in no position to shoot him at close range. There is evidence, however, that shows Sirhan fired randomly into the crowd emptying his gun. One of those shots could have ricocheted and hit Robert F. Kennedy behind the ear. Forensic evidence gathered after the murder suggests only one gun was used and that it was in the hands of Sirhan Sirhan and not anyone else.

Sirhan’s lawyer will also suggest that Sirhan was brainwashed into firing shots at Kennedy to distract the crowd while the real shooter killed Kennedy, explains a New York Criminal Lawyer. It is uncommon for a convicted criminal to offer new theories about his case during a parole hearing. In most cases, parole boards are only interested in hearing how the person has changed or whether they are truly remorseful for their crimes. It is unlikely that Sirhan Sirhan will admit any remorse since he claims he doesn’t remember shooting Kennedy.

Most people are convinced that Sirhan’s lawyer will not be successful in getting his client released. A Kennedy bodyguard clearly remembers taking the gun out of Sirhan Sirhan’s hand after he pulled the trigger several times. And even though some witnesses insist Sirhan was in front of Kennedy the entire time, there is little evidence to suggest another shooter was present at the time. It is likely that the parole board will deny parole to Sirhan given this was a high profile case.

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