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Six People Charged in Dog Fighting Incident


Dog fighting is a cruel and dangerous activity and it is highly illegal. In fact, it is illegal to even attend a dogfight, says a NY Criminal Lawyer. This bloody sport results in needless death and suffering for the animals who are forced to fight, and authorities are very quick to investigate any and all dog fighting claims immediately. Dog fighting is an underground activity that is rarely seen. Even though it is elusive, however, it happens everywhere. 

Six people were recently charged with dog fighting in Maywood after authorities managed to stumble across one while they were coming to serve a search warrant for animal cruelty at a residence. The officers found two pit bulls engaged in brutal fighting and they also found a handful of people who were participating in the dogfight, according to reports by the New York Criminal Lawyer. 

Workers from the Animal Welfare League separated and restrained the dogs and they were subsequently taken into custody where they were to receive veterinary care. One man was charged with dog fighting and five other individuals, including three women and two men, were charged and arrested for attending the dogfight, said the New York Criminal Lawyer. 

Dog fighting is a dangerous activity not only to the animals who are involved, said the NYC Criminal Lawyer, but also for the people who are present. People who attend these events are generally not wholesome, good hearted people. Because of this, the attendees of a dogfight are often just as dangerous as the abused and frightened animals who are fighting for their life.

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If you have questions or concerns about dog fighting or other dangerous and illegal activities, call a reputable New York Criminal Attorney. They know the law and they will assist you in getting the answers that you need. A New York Criminal Attorney will inform you of your rights and also where you went wrong and what to do about it.

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