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Some New York Criminal Lawyers Report That Michael Jackson’s Lawyer Has a Big Job


Michael Jackson is, was and always will be a pop icon. He is one of those people who will forever live as a legend and most people will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. Apparently his life wasn’t all roses and amusements parks. The news quickly spread of how he was addicted to medications that would induce sleep as he apparently suffered bouts of serious insomnia. And, although he was preparing for a new tour, his health has been deteriorating for years. And, with that, he sought medical intervention just to get some rest.

That said, his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was not only present when Michael Jackson died, he apparently provided CPR for quite some time. And, even that has been suspect since the person calling 911 told the operator that Mr. Jackson was on the bed during the CPR. With all the talk of medications being injected, other medications being purchased under aliases and then the very idea that a medical doctor would allow such to continue regardless of the status of the super star, the general public along with his family found it completely and utterly upsetting to think that Dr. Murray was actually responsible for the death of one of the worlds biggest pop stars. Dr. Murray is definitely going to need help from a New York Criminal Lawyer like those at Steve Bilkis and Associates.

Dr. Murray was making arrangements to turn himself in to the authorities but no agreement regarding the specifics had been reported. Ed Chernoff worked with the Dr. Murray and the District of Attorney’s office regarding Dr. Murray’s whereabouts. The charges, regardless of the severity, are definitely going to make this a high profile criminal case and one which will require a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Dr. Murray has maintained that nothing he gave Michael Jackson should have killed him. However, he was being arraigned but the actual charges were not disclosed. Rumor from various law enforcement officials imply that Dr. Murray will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. These charges were based on probably cause that he administered anesthetics that led to the June 25, 2009 overdose of Michael Jackson.

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