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State Charges a Marina and Two Other Firms for Wetlands Violations, says a New York Criminal Lawyer


The state has charged a Montauk marina and two other firms with dredging and other work in wetlands without a permit, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. An environmental group tipped the state off to the illegal activity.
Several notices of violation were delivered to the marina and the two businesses, from the State Department of Environmental Conservation based on information from the environmental group.
A DEC regional director informed a New York Criminal Lawyer that the charges involve a dredging project that began in May. The environmental group filed a complaint about a road that had been built at the marina to allow heavy equipment to enter the regulated tidal wetlands and begin dredging the marina. Photo evidence provided by the environmental group showed a lagoon was constructed for drainage purposes, complete with discharge pipes that channeled silt and sediment into Lake Montaulk.
New York Criminal Lawyers have come to learn that the DEC had issued a permit authorizing the marina owner to engage in repair work in the marina area, such as replacing a bulkhead or dredging for maintenance purposes. According to the agency, the permit had already expired and the type of dredging the marina was engaged in was different from the dredging originally authorized anyway.
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