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Steve McNair shot by mistress reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

Steve McNair, ex of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, and his girlfriend were both found dead in a condo in Nashville, TN. Authorities have reported that the woman he was found with, 20 year old Sahel Kazemi, was dating McNair. Just two days before the fatal shooting, Kazemi was arrested for a DUI with McNair in the car. McNair left the scene in a taxi. Nashville police are concluding that was the same day the young woman purchased the gun. Kazemi‚Äôs family states that she believed the NFL player was getting divorced from his wife, with whom he lived with just 6 miles from the condo. Public police reports indicate McNair met with Kazemi at the condo early in the morning, but their bodies were not found until late that afternoon. McNair suffered 4 gun shots while Kazemi suffered one. Police believe Kazemi was the shooter and have not ruled out a murder-suicide.
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