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Violent rampage in Rosyln Heights, NY leaves 4 injured and a Nassau County Police Officer with a broken arm. Suspect charged with assault and other charges; will need a NY Criminal Lawyer

Eugene Tomachinski, a middle aged Connecticut resident, was hanging at his girlfriend’s house in Roslyn Heights, New York when chaos broke out. Authorities say that Tomachinski woke up enraged. He started smashing his girlfriend’s computer and telephone. He became violent with his girlfriend when she tried to stop him. It was then that her father broke them up, and ran with his daughter out of the house. Tomachinski followed the two outside and dragged his girlfriend back in, with the father trying to protect her the entire time. Nassau County Police arrived on the scene after a receiving a neighbors call. Police told him to let go of the woman and tried to restrain him after he refused. Tomachinski attacked the officers; spitting, punching, kicking and even breaking one of the officer’s arms. Three officers were injured during the attack. All three were taken to Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, NY for treatment. Tomachinski was taken to Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, NY to be treated and evaluated. His girlfriend and her father had injuries, but none that demanded immediate medical care. Tomachinski is facing charges of criminal mischief, resisting arrest and second degree assault.
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