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New York Criminal Law Offices have seen or heard of a number of crimes in Brooklyn.
A Brooklyn man went into the basement of a building in Bedford-Stuyvesant and found the bodies of two men, one of them his son, law enforcement sources reported.
It is believed the pair had been killed in a drug-related execution.
The father entered the building around 3 p.m. and found the two victims, both of them in their late 20s or early 30s. They were bound with duct tape and had bullet wounds in their heads.
Elsewhere in Brooklyn, a man was shot and killed in a dispute over money. A 36-year-old man was shot by an enemy of his several times in the chest. The victim was taken to Brookdale Hospital, but pronounced dead on arrival.
Another Brooklyn incident has resulted in a manhunt for three men accused of beating up a cabbie after a failed holdup attempt in Brownsville. New York Criminal Law Offices discovered that the trio asked the cabbie to get out of the car so they could settle their fare. When he emerged, one of the men attacked him, while the others tried to take his money.
The driver managed to get away, and the assailants fled without a penny. The victim sustained head cuts which were treated at Woodhull Hospital.
In the Bronx, a thief got into trouble when he broke the window of a parked car to steal clothing. Unfortunately for him, he was spotted by the car owner.
The 38-year-old suspect allegedly broke into a Jeep and grabbed clothing just as the owner arrived. The car owner said, “You’re stealing from my baby!”
The suspect allegedly tried to punch the victim, who ducked. Police later arrested him on charges of robbery, petit larceny and attempted assault.
New York Criminal Law Offices have also noted a case in Queens, where a man snuck into a hotel, bypassing both registration and the requirement to pay for his lodging, authorities said. An employee soon noticed the 28-year-old interloper squatting in a $239-a-night room. The suspect was charged with theft of services and criminal trespass.

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