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Small Town in Illinois Has Two DUIs

Illinois Police District Sixteen is a small, sleepy district. Not much happens in a given week and rarely is any news made. The people there like it that way. They can relax and let life live itself while they enjoy the cast off fruits of joy. Simple? Perhaps. But definitely happy. Which is why it was big news when not one but two people were arrested in the span of a week for driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, says a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer.

One of the selfish criminals grabbed the bottle and started drinking until he could drink no more. He drank to hide the pain, he drank to hide the world, but he drank and then drank. Then, he got behind the wheel of a car. He decided that he would risk not just his life, but the life of everyone else in District Sixteen as he sped down the road, going top speed, all the while loaded out of his mind. One car after another was passed until he finally passed the wrong car: a cop car.

A second idiot was high on, reports a NY Criminal Lawyer. The police would not release the details of the drug use, but it was significant enough to be obvious to a police officer and dangerous enough to affect his driving. Like the first offender, this criminal was also in their early twenties. Perhaps that is just the age to be dumb, high, drunk, and driving a car.

If you find yourself charged with a DUI, contact a New York Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. That phone call could be the difference between freedom and jail.

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