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Stories from Queens and Brooklyn


A suspected burglar has been caught on video tape in Queens and the search is on for a man who took some alcoholic beverages from a restaurant in Forest Hills, sources have revealed.
According to sources, the alleged thief broke in through the front window of the restaurant at 3 in the morning on March 29 and fled with some bottles of liquor.
In Brooklyn, a stripper and three of her friends, pole dancers, allegedly beat up an enemy of theirs in Sunset Park, authorities told New York Criminal Lawyers.
The 26-year-old woman and three other workers in her establishment are said to have attacked their victim at 4:10 a.m. on March 6 on the corner of 39th Street and Fourth Avenue.
Police explained in reports about the incident that the victim has been accused of pouring baby oil into the shoes of one of the women who later attacked her. No one yet knows why the victim would have done this, if it did indeed occur.
According to police, the vicious attack, in which the victim was punched and kicked in the head and face, resulted in brain swelling, some loss of vision, and a broken nose. She underwent surgery at Kings County Hospital.
The 26-year-old stripper later surrendered to police and faces charges of gang assault, menacing and harassment. According to her, she did nothing more than drive the vehicle which carried the other assailants. Police are still looking for the woman’s accomplices.
New York City Criminal Lawyers have heard of another alleged crime in Queens, this one involving a man who allegedly took cans of coffee from a Midwood supermarket at around 2 in the afternoon.
The 30-year-old suspect allegedly took 19 cans off coffee, packed them into a shopping back and walked past the registers and toward the exit, apparently not intending to pay for his caffeine craving.
Security confronted the suspect and he resisted, scratching a guard on the right cheek and nose in his attempt to get away, police indicated. The guard went to Lutheran Hospital, where his scratches were treated.

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