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A Look at Crime in Manhattan and the Bronx


A camera bandit, once on the loose in the Flatiron District, has been caught, police revealed.
The 19-year-old suspect walked into a camera shop on West 22nd Street at 3 in the afternoon and asked to see an expensive camera, then took off with it when the store keeper turned around to answer the phone.
“He knew what he was stealing,” a store manager told N York Criminal Lawyers.
The suspect ran across the street, dodging through traffic on Sixth Avenue, to make his escape, according to the manager. It was only a day later when the suspect was caught – he tried to sell the camera to another dealer, and police soon had him in custody, police sources said.
The alleged thief has been linked to another theft, back in December, of another camera of the same brand, worth $3,350 from another shop in Manhattan, police explained to N York Criminal Lawyers.
In the Bronx, a burglar was caught on tape fleeing the scene of the crime – in this case a home invasion in Highbridge he allegedly engaged in with four accomplices.
The 50-year-old suspect and his four companions are said to have broken into an apartment on Cromwell Avenue at noon, one day in April. He helped tie up two of the victims, while one of his friends allegedly threatened another victim at gunpoint.
“Get the money or I am going to kill him!” one of the men allegedly yelled.
The thieves managed to take $3,000 Gucci shoes, a laptop computer, and some credit cards. They also broke at flat-screen television.
“If you say anything, we have your information,” one of the thieves said before departing.
The suspect in the case was allegedly caught on video tape from a surveillance camera leaving the crime scene with a big black plastic bag full of stolen goods.
The police quickly tracked him down, arresting him before the day was out. His accomplices are still at large, police sources told N York Criminal Lawyers. Police are still on the lookout for them and will likely catch them soon, since one of the thieves is in custody

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