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Straphanger Catches Thief


A straphanger was instrumental in catching a thief who was trying to get away with his cash and jewelry, authorities said to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The suspect was unable to flee the scene until the police arrived, thanks to the actions of his would-be victim.
Sources tell New York Criminal Lawyers that the victim was asleep aboard a southbound Number 1 train close to South Ferry at 4:15 a.m., early on a Sunday morning, when the suspect approached and cut open the victim’s left front pocket.
The suspect managed to steal a watch and some cash as the train pulled into the station, authorities told a New York Criminal Lawyer, but the activities of the thief woke the victim, who then grabbed the thief and held him for the cops.
New York Criminal Lawyers have learned that the suspect has since been charged for robbery. No further information on the case is available at this time, regarding either the victim or the subject and the case is considered to be closed, since the suspect was caught and the stolen jewelry and cash recovered.
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