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Student arrested for possession of weapon


A local student was arrested for flashing a BB gun at another student during an apparent argument at the student center of the Nassau Community College. The 20 year old Hyde Park resident was charged by police for menacing, say New York Criminal Lawyers.

The argument had looked to be escalating to a full fledged fight, and when the two students arguing went outside to settle their differences, the unarmed man brought his friends with him, which prompted the suspect to pull out a BB gun in a threatening fashion. Campus security was called to the East Garden City campus, and they detained the student until the police arrived to take him into custody.

The BB gun wielding student was suspended from school until a formal hearing can be held to determine whether or not he will be suspended. A school spokesman told a New York Criminal Lawyer that it was “inappropriate” for any student to bring a BB gun on campus, and he expressed relief that no one was hurt. The gun could have easily been mistaken for a more dangerous weapon and if police had seen him with it, the student could have been very gravely injured. The situation is believed by New York Criminal Lawyers to be most likely unrelated to recent racially motivated letters that were recently discovered at the school.

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